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Unless otherwise indicated, all works are published by the composer.  Please contact for scores or information.

Works for Solo Instruments

Opus Virus, solos and duets for various instruments (2020-2021)

In F-ish Thought, harpsichord (2020)

Willow's Fiddlers, two violins (2019)

Franz bleibt stecken, piano (2019)

Eis-Walzer (II), piano (2013)

Fasolt and Fafner Hauen auf die Pauken, two Wagner tuben (2010)

Distant Deeps or Skies, piano (2008)

Alba and Ostinato, solo contrabass and piano (2006) 

Those Infernal Exsanguinators, flute and piano (2004); also for violin and piano (2006)  Pub. by NSM

Top Bid, trombone (unaccompanied) (2004) 

A Little Grand Wedding March Waltz, trombone (or cello or bassoon) and piccolo (or flute) (2001)  Pub. by NSM

Der Baartli gaat a Gyger, piano (2001) 

Call, horn (unaccompanied) (1999) 

Kleine Klaviersymphonie, piano (1998) 

Tils lustiger Streicher, violin (unaccompanied) (1990) 


Works for Chamber Ensembles

Dona nobis pacem, string quartet (2018) 

Dr. Leroy’s Dirge and Dance, oboe and string quintet (2016) 

Tänzele, (“Eis-Walzer”, “Passamezzisimo”, “Zeigenfüβler”), string quartet (2015)

Finds, (4 mvts: “Heather”, “Air”, “Gem”, “Relic”), string quartet (2015) 

Nachwort: Die Harfe, two violins and viola (2014) 

Saltapassamezzarello, soprano saxophone (or clarinet), violin, viola, and cello (2009) 

Tell Me About This Piece, Leroy, oboe and string quartet (2004) 

Die Schwersten Fesseln (motet), five-part variable ensemble (2002) 

Baartli Klavierwalzer, piano duo (1999) 

Containment, eight snare drums (1997) 

Fanfare, four horns (1996/2008) 

In Memory of Henri Temianka, string octet (1992)

Works for Voice

Dance Along (Schnauber), voice and small band (2020)

Sisters Weird (Shakespeare), vocal trio and string quartet (2019) 

Scorn Not the Sonnet (Wordsworth), voice and piano (2018) 

Cannikin Clink (Shakespeare), voice and cello (2018) 

Ladyslipper (Schnauber), voice and band

Enterprise Incidentals (various), female voice and piano (2017) 

Dawn (Sowohl Kim/Haines), baritone and piano (2015)

Abend II (Meerbaum-Eisinger), soprano and piano (2012) 

Schlaflied für Dich (Meerbaum-Eisinger), soprano and piano (2012) 

Song (Beddoes), soprano and piano (2012) 

Laughing Together (Blevins Faery), soprano and piano (2012) 

Träume (Meerbaum-Eisinger), soprano and piano (2011) 

I Like to Play With Him (Smith), soprano and piano (2011) 

Disillusionment of Ten o’Clock (Stevens), baritone and piano (2010) 

My Papa’s Waltz (Roethke), voice and piano (2010) 

Wotans Ring-Parabel (C. Schnauber), voice and piano (2010) 

in Just- (Cummings), voice, marimba, and cello (2009) 

Harlem (Hughes), voice and piano (2008) 

The Tyger (Blake), voice and piano (2008) 

The Rain Has Flown (Nabokov), soprano and string orchestra (2007) 

Not-Pooh Songs (Milne), female voice and oboe (2007) 

Kleine Lieder (Hofmannsthal), female voice and piano (2004) Pub. by CVR

Wedding Song (Orlando), soprano and piano (2003) Pub. by CVR

Language Lesson (Allard), two male voices and piano (2003) Pub. by CVR

The River, 1928 (Kenny), low voice and piano (2002) Pub. by CVR

The Walrus and the Carpenter (Carroll), mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (2000) 

Der Totentanz (Goethe), vocal quartet and piano (1999) Pub. by CVR

Liebeslieder mit Vögeln (Volksgut), soprano, alto, and piano (1997)  Pub. by CVR

Carrolls (Carroll), baritone and orchestra (also baritone and piano) (1991/1995) 

Works for Choir

Die Lorelei (arr.), SSA a capella (2015)

Die Harfe (C. Schnauber), SSA a cappella (2014)

Dona nobis pacem, SSAA choir a cappella*; also SATB (2011) 

Fairies’ Lullaby (Shakespeare), SSA choir and piano (2009)  Pub. by IMP

Winter Soul (Duncan), SATB choir a cappella (2007)  Pub. by IMP

Die Schwersten Fesseln (motet), five-part variable ensemble (2002)  

Lullabye (Duncan), male choir TTB (2000)  Pub. by IMP

three cummings (Cummings), treble choir, flute, harp, and harpsichord; also treble choir and piano (1997) 

Works for Large Ensemble

Non Nobis Domine (Doyle), arranged for contrabass ensemble (2019)

12 Days, 12 Ways, concert band (2014) 

Ziegenfußtanz, string orchestra (2014) 

Finds (4 mvts: “Heather”, “Air”, “Gem”, “Relic”), string orchestra (2013/2014) 

Eis-Walzer (II), string orchestra (2013) 

Hummingiare, string orchestra (2013) 

Dona nobis pacem, string orchestra (2012) 

Die Schwersten Fesseln (motet), string orchestra (2011) 

Nacht der verklärten Toten (Night of the Transfigured Dead), string orchestra (2006)

Alba and Ostinato, solo contrabass and orchestra (2006) 

Tell Me About This Piece, Leroy, oboe and string orchestra (2004) 

Eis Walzer, symphonic band (2002) 

Baartli Walzer, orchestra (1999) 

Indigo Street, orchestra (1997) 

In Memory of Henri Temianka, string orchestra and optional field drum (1992) 

Works for Stage

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (incidental music) (2011) 

Dead Man Walking (incidental music) (2005) 

Beanstalk the Musical (musical comedy) (2005) 

The Trojan Women (incidental music) (2004)

A Christmas Carol (musical) (2004) 

With Such Friends..., (Duncan), comic chamber opera (2003) 

Phèdre (incidental music) (2001) 

Orestes (incidental music) (1999) 

The Cricket in Times Square (incidental music) (1999) 

Town Mouse and Country Mouse (musical) (1998)  Pub. by DMP

10 Good Things (short opera) (1998) 

A Tale of Too Sillies (incidental music) (1997)