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Recent and Highlights

NoteWorthy Sheet Music releases Tom Schnauber's

Not-Pooh Songs (flute or oboe and female voice)

Spring 2023


Tom Schnauber's setting of The Second Coming

by Yeats

Performed by the Sheffield Chamber Players

Hosted by WordSong


February 12, 17, and 18, 2023


Tom Schnauber's "Music to a Map"

performed by Ethel String Quartet as part of Denison University's TUTTI Festival.

March 24 to 26, 2022.


NoteWorthy Sheet Music releases Tom Schnauber's

Those Infernal Exsanguinators (flute and piano)

A Little Grand Wedding March Waltz (piccolo and trombone)




Fall 2020


Imagine Music Publishing releases Tom Schnauber's

Lullabye (TTB)

Winter Soul (SATB)

Spring 2020


Russian String Orchestra at Rockport Music

Featuring Tom Schnauber's In Memory of Henri Temianka

Sunday, October 20th, 2019

Shalin Liu Perfromance Center, Rockport


Russian String Orchestra at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Featuring Tom Schnauber's In Memory of Henri Temianka

August 9th-24th, 2019

Edinburgh, Scottland


Bassworks Final Concert

Featuring Tom Schnauber's commissioned arrangement of Doyle's Non nobis domine for bass ensemble.

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Freiburg Hall (Peabody Campus), Baltimore


WordSong celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a

Tyger Circus

Featuring Tom Schnauber's setting of Blake's The Tyger

and his Tyger-inspired piano piece Distant Deeps or Skies

Friday, April 26th, 2019

First Church Boston


The Shakespeare Concerts presents

"Hath not a Jew Eyes?"

Featuring Tom Schnauber's Sisters Wierd, a setting of the witches' incantation from Macbeth

Friday, April 5th, 2019

Jordan Hall, Boston

A2-Festival of Song.jpg

The Ann Arbor Festival of Song presents

"Week After Art Fair Song Fest

Featuring Tom Schnauber's Enterprise Incidentals, a song cycle setting dialog from Star Trek: The Original Series

Wednesday, August 9th, 2018

Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor MI

Selected Commissioned Works and Performances

(Click on underlined titles to listen)


                Music to a Map for string quartet (background music to a reading of Lev Grossman)

                   Commissioned by Denison University's TUTTI Festival (2022)

                                –Martin Hall (Eisner Center), Granville, OH: March 25, 2022 (premiere)

                                Ethel String Quartet

                Sisters Weird  (Shakespeare) for soprano, mezzo, tenor, and string quartet

                   Commissioned by The Shakespeare Concerts (2018)

                                –Jordan Hall, Boston, MA: April, 5, 2019 (premiere)

                                -Tuckerman Hall, Worcester, MA: April 6, 2019

                                Andrea Chenoweth, sop; Thea Lobo, mzzo; Ethan Bremner, tnr;

                                Ulysses String Quartet


                Scorn Not the Sonnet (Wordsworth) for voice and piano; and Cannikin Clink (Shakespeare) for voice and cello

                   Commissioned by The Shakespeare Concerts (2018)

                                –Jordan Hall, Boston, MA: April 27, 2018 (premiere)

                                –Jewett Hall, Wellesley, MA: April 28, 2018

                                –Case Hall, Ewha University, Seoul, S. Korea: June 8, 2018

                                Ryu-Kyung Kim, mzzo; Hyun-Ji Kwon, pno; Sang-Young Kim, vlc


                Enterprise Incidentals for voice and piano

                   Commissioned by The Ann Arbor Festival of Song (2017)

                                –Bowling Green New Music Festival, Bryan Hall, OH: October 19, 2017 (premiere)

                                –Song Collaborators' Consortia Art Song Festival 2018 Cabaret Concert)

                                      Barnes-Hiscock Mansion, Syracuse, NY: March 9, 2018

                                –Week After Art Fair Song Fest 2018, Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI:

                                      July 27, 2018

                                Jane Schoonmaker Rodgers, sop; Kevin Bylsma, pno


                Dr. Leroy’s Dirge and Dance for oboe and string quintet

                   Commissioned by The Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (2016)

                                –House of Prayer, Hingham, MA: February 18, 2018 (premiere)

                                Andrew Price, ob; ASO, Jin Kim, cond


                Hummingaire for string orchestra

                   Commissioned by the Rivers School Conservatory 35th Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young (2013)

                          –Rivera Hall, Weston, MA: April 7, 2013 (premiere)

                          –DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA: April 9, 2013

                          Rivers Upper School Chamber Orchestra

                The Ring in Ten for voice and piano; and Fasolt und Fafner hauen auf die Pauken for two Wagner tuben

                   Commissioned by Ring Festival LA and the Max Kade Institute for Austrian-German-Swiss Studies (2010)

                          –Goethe Institut LA, Los Angeles, CA: May 17, 2010 (premiere)

                         Christina Linhardt, sop; Armin Guzelimian, pno; J.G. Miller and Marco de Almieda, tba


                Winter Soul (Duncan) for choir SATB

                   Commissioned by the Cambridge Madrigal Singers (2007)

                          –Harvard Epworth Church, Cambridge, MA: December 8, 2007 (premiere)

                          –Emmanuel Church, Boston MA: December 9, 2007

                          Cambridge Madrigal Singers, Ray Fahrner, dir


                Nacht der verklärten Toten (Night of the Transfigured Dead) for string orchestra

                   Commissioned by the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin as result of winning Grand Prize in their 2006 International Homage to Mozart Competition (2006)

                          –Radiokultura Concert Hall, Moscow, Russia: June 4, 2007 (premiere)

                          –Armory of the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia: January 11, 2008

                          –Armory of the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia: August 13, 2010

                          –Campanile Center for the Arts, Minocqua, WI: October 8, 2014

                          –Michelson Hall (U of Wisconsin) Stevens Point, WI: October 9th, 2014

                          –O’Donnell Arts & Tech Building (U of Texas), Dallas, TX: October 18, 2014

                          –Rosse Hall (Gund Concert Series, Kenyon College), Gambier, OH: October 11th, 2015

                          –Salem Church, Quincy, IL: October 15th, 2015

                          Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, Misha Rachlevsky


                Alba and Ostinato for contrabass and symphony orchestra

                   Commissioned by the Annapolis Chamber Orchestra (2005)

                          –Har Sanai Hall, Annapolis, MD: April 23, 2006 (premiere)

                          –Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD: April 27 and 28, 2007

                          Jeffry Wiesner, bass (NSO); Annapolis Chamber Orchestra, Ernest Greene, cond

                          –Petree Theater, Oklahoma City, OK: June 5, 2007

                          Version for Bass and piano: Jeffrey Wisner, bass (NSO); Dianne Frazer, pno

                “Alba” from Alba and Ostinato for contrabass and symphony orchestra

                          –Oakcrest School Hall, Oakcrest, VA: March 4, 2009

                          Jeffrey Weisner, bass (NSO); McClean Orchestra, Silvia Almieda, cond

                Beanstalk, the Musical (musical comedy)

                   Commissioned by Wild Swan Theater (2005)

                          –Henry Ford Theater, Dearborn, MI: April 27–May 1, 2005 (premiere)

                          –Henry Ford Theater, Dearborn, MI: April 29–May 3, 2015             

                          Wild Swan Theater Company


                A Christmas Carol (musical comedy)

                   Commissioned by Wild Swan Theater (2004)

                          –Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, Ann Arbor, MI: November 17–21, 2004 (premiere)

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 13–17, 2006

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 10–14, 2008

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 6–9, 2012

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 8–11, 2016

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 6–9, 2018

                          Wild Swan Theater Company


                The Walrus and the Carpenter (Carroll)

                   Commissioned by Brave New Works (2000)

                          –Britton Recital Hall, Ann Arbor, MI: April 22, 2000 (premiere)

                          Brave New Works

                          –Shenandoah University Recital Hall: February 24, 2006

                          –Source Theater, Washington, DC: July 25–28, 2007

                          –Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC: May 15, 2015

                          Great Noise Ensemble


                Town Mouse and Country Mouse (musical comedy)

                   Commissioned by Wild Swan Theater (1997)

                   Published by Dramatic Publishing

                          –Henry Ford Museum Theater, Ann Arbor, MI: November 21–23, 1997 (premiere)

                          –Towsley Auditorium, Washtenaw, MI: December 6–12, 2000

                          Wild Swan Theater Company

                          –Emmanuel College Theater, Boston, MA: October 3–4, 2008

                          Emmanuel College Theater Guild

Selected Non-Commissioned Works and Performances

                In Memory of Henri Temianka for string orchestra (1992/2005)

                          –Shalin Liu Perorming Arts Center, Rockport, MA: October 20, 2019

                          –Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Space Triplex, Edinburgh, Scotland:

                                August 9–24, 2019

                          –Bach Festival Society Winter Park 83rd Season, Tiedtke Hall, Winter Park, FL: October 15, 2017

                          –Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Space Triplex, Edinburgh, Scotland:

                                August 4–12, 2017

                          –39th Festival de Deià (Patrick Meadows Memorial Concert), Son Marriog Mansion, Deià (Mallorca), Spain: September 13, 2017

                          –Barrus Concert Hall (Snow Center for Performing Arts), Rexburg, ID:

                                October 20th, 2016

                          Russian String Orchestra

                          –Angelle Hall (Lafayette S.o.M.), Lafayette, LA: October 12, 2016

                          –Ardrey Memorial Auditorium, Flagstaff, AZ, October 9, 2016

                          –Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia: April 12, 2009

                          –Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: October 28, 2006

                          –Radiokultura Concert Hall, Moscow: January 28, 2006 (premiere)

                          Chamber Orchestra Kremlin


                Dona nobis pacem for choir SSAA; also SATB (2011/2018)

                          –First Church Boston, Boston, MA: March 11, 2018

                          –First Church Boston, Boston, MA: March 4, 2018 (premiere, SATB version)

                          Choir of the First Church Boston, Tom Schnauber, cond

                          –First Church Boston, Boston, MA: May 14, 2011

                          –Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA: May 12, 2011(premiere, SSAA version)

                          Lorelei Ensemble


                Finds for string quartet (2015)

                          – Parish Hall (Emmanuel Church), Boston, MA: October 29, 2017

                          – St. Paul’s Church, Brookline, MA: May 9, 2017 (premiere)

                          Arneis String Quartet


                Harlem (Hughes) for baritone and piano (2008)

                          –Buckley Center, Portland, OR: April 6, 2017

                          –Woodford Congregational Church (Portland Conservatory), Portland, ME:

                                August 12, 2014

                          –Target Performance Hall, Minneapolis, MN: August 2, 2014

                          –Recital Hall, American University Bulgaria, Sophia, Bulgaria: October 19, 2011

                          –Arts on the Edge Festival, Wolfeboro, NH: August 9, 2011

                          –Rockport Chamber Music Festival, Rockport, MA: May 17, 2009

                          Florestan Recital Project (Aaron Engebreth, bar; Alison D’Amato, pno)

                          –Lyceum, Alexandria, VA: January 29, 2012

                          Words & Music (vocal ensemble)

                Dawn (Kim/Haines) for voice and piano (2015)

                          –Pickman Concert Hall (Longy), Cambridge, MA: September 18, 2016

                          –Alfond Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA: February 6, 2016

                          David Kravitz, bar; Linda Osborn, pno

                          –Emmanuel College Auditorium, Boston, MA: January 30, 2015 (premiere)

                          Dongwon Kim, bar; Linda Osborn, pno


                Fairies’ Lullaby for treble choir SSA (2009)

                Published by Imagine Music

                          – Ilkley Baptist Church, Ilkley, England: October 1, 2016

                          The Singing Days Ensemble

                          – First Anglican Church, Bradford, England: May 12, 2010

                          Bradford Grammar School Choir

                          – Concert Hall, Lavandou, France:October 30, 2009 (premiere)

                          Choeur de la Semaine International de Chant


                Tell Me About This Piece, Leroy for oboe and string orchestra (2004)

                          –Jordan Hall, Boston, MA: February 17, 2013

                          Andrew Piece, ob; Rivers School Symphony Orchestra, David Tierney, cond

                          –Armory of the Kremlin, Moscow: January 11, 2008

                          Dmitri Bulgakov, ob; Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, Misha Rachlevsky, cond

                          –St. Elizabeth Church, Rockville, MD: December 2, 2006 (premiere)

                          Emily Bentgen, ob; NIH Philharmonia, Nancia D’Alimonte, cond


                Disillusionment at Ten O’Clock (Stevens) for baritone and piano (2010)

                          –Vancouver International Song Institute, Vancouver, Canada: June 4, 2013

                          –Goethe Institute Boston, Boston, MA: March 13, 2011

                          –Emmanuel College Auditorium, Boston, MA: September 17, 2010 (premiere)

                          Florestan Recital Project


                My Papa’s Waltz (Roethke) for voice and piano (2010)

                          –WordSong Til Now (retrospective concert), St. Paul’s Church, Boston, MA: January 11, 2013

                          –Harvard Musical Association, Cambridge, MA: April 21, 2010

                          –Rivers School Conservatory 32nd Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young,

                                Alston, MA: April 10, 2010 (premiere)

                          Sarah Pelletier, sop; John MsDonald, pno

                Song (Beddoes) for soprano and piano or harpsichord (2012)

                   –WordSong Til Now (retrospective concert), St. Paul’s Church, Boston, MA: January 11, 2013

                   –Arts at the Armory, The Armory, Somerville, MA: August 12, 2012

                   Illana Davisdon, sop; Alex Ruvinstein, pno

                   –An Beal Bocht Theater, Bronx, NY: August 9, 2012 (premiere)

                   Classical Café Ensemble


                With Such Friends… (Gogol/Duncan) (comic chamber opera) (2003)

                   –Singletary Center for the Arts, Lexington, KY: August 13, 2010 (premiere, full work)

                   Bluegrass Opera Company

                   –VOX 2007 Showcase, Skirball Center for the Performing Arts: May 13, 2007 (premiere Act I)

                   New York City Opera

                   –“Hollywood Meets Dresden”, Westin Bellevue Recital Hall, Dresden, Germany: June 12, 2004


                   Anne Adams, mezzo; Thomas Wulff-Woistin, pno


                Saltapassamezzarello for soprano sax (or clarinet), violin, viola, and cello (2009)

                   –Sala Baldini, Rome, Italy: May 6, 2009

                   Freon Ensemble

                   –Cove Fine Arts Center, Quincy, MA: March 21, 2009 (premiere)

                   Chameleon Ensemble

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