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Opus Virus

During the first and worst days of the Covid-19 pandemic, I noticed the shock that sudden lockdown brought to so many of my friends and family members who are instrumentalists. Composing is, by its nature, a lonely act; so my already isolated psyche took minimal blows during that time. But I could see and hear the damage being done to my fellow musicians on so many levels, and I felt sad.


In a perhaps vain attempt at consolation, I started writing short pieces as offerings of encouragement to the players I knew. These little works were meant to be simple and (hopefully) enjoyable; to be played alone, for one’s pod, or for others over the woefully inadequate yet sadly necessary internet.


I now offer them here for anyone to whom they might provide a modicum of joy. My only request is that, if you do decide to play one and happen to record it, you send me a copy. I always love hearing what music you players make out of my dots and squiggles!


And if you don’t see one here for your instrument(s) but would like one, send me a note. We’ll talk.


Disinfectious (O.V. no. 1)

for solo cello

Disinfectious (O.V. no.1a)

for solo viola

It's Catching (O.V. no. 2)

for viola and xylophone

Coviduet (O.V. no. 3)

for violin and cello

Sooner or Ventilator (O.V. no. 4)

for solo horn

Feeling Low (O.V. no. 5)

for solo bass

Coronavalse (O.V. no. 6)

for solo piano

Twitterbug (O.V. no. 7)

for solo oboe

Faucissimo (O.V. no. 8)

for solo violin

SoNotA Hoax (O.V. no. 9)

for two trumpets

Hydroxychloroquincompoop(O.V. no. 10)

for solo tuba

One Flu Over the QAnon Mess

(O.V. no. 11)

for solo clarinet

Mo' Tests Motet (O.V. no. 12)

for six instruments (varied)

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